About Us

We are the only specialised Cinnamon Toothpicks supplier in Sri Lanka and focused on supplying high quality toothpicks made from Pure Ceylon Cinnamon oil to fulfill the demand from our local and international customer base. We are always committed to ensure that we are supplying top quality Cinnamon toothpicks to the world. Ceylon Cinnamon is called “True Cinnamon” because it is unique and native to the tiny Indian Ocean Island of Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

To be the undoubted choice for Cinnamon Toothpicks in all around the world.

Our Mission

We always commit ourselves to create and promote best cinnamon taste around the world in best possible ways with our fullest potential.

Our Values

Customer Commitment

We commit to develop strong and sustainable relationships with our customers which would create a better understanding between us.


We provide products with outstanding quality and satisfied services which would deliver superior value to our customers.


We maintain the highest standards of honesty in all of our actions.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.

Desire to Triumph

We have a strong desire to win in the market place and in every aspects of our business while achieving the Goals of our Company.

why tupik

Tupik is not just a normal toothpick but is far ahead of that. Normal toothpicks are useful only after a meal to remove particles of food between teeth, but Tupik is totally different to that. This is produced with pure Ceylon cinnamon and gives you a range of health benefits than you would ever imagine.

Further these are made with a blend of Cinnamon Leaf and Bark Oil for spicy hotness and sweetness. The Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil gives super hotness and the Bark Oil adds flavor and a slight sweetness. For best benefits chew the ‘Tupik’ Cinnamon toothpick and taste it.

We aim to maintain the reputation of Sri Lankan cinnamon as the best which is produced and exported in the world. We are the only specialized supplier of Cinnamon toothpicks in Sri Lanka focusing on the niche market for cinnamon toothpicks in the world. Therefore each and every time we do transactions we concentrate on providing the best quality toothpicks that could satisfy our customers. 

Consumers of “Tupik” are advised to chew the toothpick in order to receive the maximum benefits of this amazing product.

  • Infused with Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil & Bark Oil
  • Zero natural or artificial flavoring.
  • No artificial ingredients.
  • Made with Birch wood.
  • Not only does it freshen your breath, Cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties that will reduce the amount of germs in your mouth.
  • 100% Natural, real Ceylon Cinnamon Toothpicks which are free of sugar and calories.
  • The toothpicks can be used to curb snacking between meals, as a breath freshener or - as a normal toothpick - to remove particles of food between teeth.
  • Effective against tooth decay.
  • Promotes healthy gums and fresh breath.
  • Inexpensive alternate to Breath-mints and Chewing Gums.
  • Chewing Cinnamon may boost brain activity!
  • Consuming little Cinnamon each day may reduce blood sugar & cholesterol.
  • Has excellent antiseptic properties.
  • Germany's Commission E approves Cinnamon for appetite loss & indigestion.
  • This provide smokers with an enjoyable substitute for tobacco when they really need it to cure smoker's breath and bad breath.
  • Gets hotter the more you chew.